The first time you hold one of these devices you just know: this is going to help people! Our small team realized prices were prohibiting customers worldwide from getting the full benefit of these products. We became focused on making these relief machines affordable and cost effective. Sure, what we do isn't glamorous but we work happy every day because of the people who tell us we've played a small part in helping you feel good

As a team we stay focused on helping you get the greatest benefit massage gun with the absolute lowest price. Our company and our service to you is one way we translate our broader passion for worldwide win-win benefit. Anything we can do to increase the quality of your experience please get us involved we want to hear what you think!

Finally, thank you for giving us this opportunity to make you happy customer. As a team we thrive on positive testimonials, please please send us happy stories/clips!

Romtein “Ross” Rostami

Co-Founder/CEO of HappiGun, a division of Mutual Benefit LLC