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Company Values

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

Why We Exist

Service is the reason we were created, service is what helps us feel excited to come to work, service is what gives our careers meaning! We take “the customer is always right” to a whole new level:  to us a customer is a gift, an opportunity to make someone smile, touch someone’s life in a positive way, a chance to leave a happiness footprint we are proud of.

Customers are trusting us with their money and the opportunity to serve them. This is an honor and a privilege that we will maximize in our mission to benefit our planet.

Listening then Inventing

Please do everything possible to understand what the essence of what our customer is asking for. Henry Ford once said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” That means it is our job to fully hear out what challenges our customers are having and what results would improve their quality of life. Once we have a good understanding of the issue we have the gift and opportunity to be of service by thinking critically about what we can create/invent to maximize happiness and delight our customers. 


Because money is an asset we can use to invest in things that serve our customers but do not have an immediate return. As a company we exercise imagination and reward methods that help us decrease our cost so we can relay that benefit into constantly improving customer experience. 

Employee Compensation

Life is more fun when everyone is winning together. That is why our payscale and bonuses are so generous. Please use your time here while we are thriving together to fight on behalf of our customer, create new ways we can show them our service-driven purpose, and deliver experiences that customers will use as examples of a “company who cares!”

Romtein “Ross” Rostami

CEO of HappiGun, a division of Mutual Benefit LLC