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Why Use Massage Guns?

    Life should be as pain free as possible. That includes regular stress caused by exercise and fitness as well as the strains our body naturally experience over time. Access to continuous medications or costly treatments, however, are usually limited to the majority of people experiencing discomfort. We believe recovery should be convenient and completely dialed in to your own personal therapy needs. That's why we're excited about the technology behind HappiGun's percussion therapy.
   For those who experience pain, whether a dull throb or a chronic ache relieving the tension can be freeing, physically as well as mentally. Your gyms and yoga studios are filled with foam rollers and massage balls, but these techniques don't incorporate the kind of treatment our muscles get from deep tissue massage. HappiGun acknowledges the body, mind, and spirit connection, and treats relief in a completely new way. The percussive movement of the gun is inherently stimulating, releasing lactose building from deep within muscle. Our clients often talk about feeling "awake" and "rejuvenated" after a session with their new massage gun!
  This isn’t a product meant strictly for gym rats or the more athletically inclined. Anyone with muscle soreness, cricked neck, or just a desire to relax will benefit. With four specified massage heads, your recovery is literally customizable and comfort is immediate. Pain isn’t just about the body, personal well-being starts with the mind. 

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